GC2018 Procurement Framework

A large majority of the whole of Commonwealth Games expenditure budget (approximately $2 billion) will relate to procurement activities, offering a wide range of business opportunities for suppliers.

For the first time, a whole of Games approach is being taken for Commonwealth Games procurement.

Aims of the program

Together with the Embracing 2018 Business Development Framework, the Procurement Framework for GC2018 aims to ensure a legacy of increased business capability and capacity.

The framework outlines a consistent and seamless approach for all procurement to  reduce duplication, waste and supplier confusion.

Engaging local industry and generating jobs is one of the key objectives of the procurement framework. It will also maximise business opportunities at the regional, state and national level. 

The procurement framework will ensure:

• quality goods and services are procured in a timely and consistent manner
• duplication across and within government is reduced
• supply markets are analysed, understood and optimised
• consistent policies and principles are applied for the whole of the procurement lifecycle
• communication is consistent, coordinated and appropriately targeted
• value for money and the best commercial outcomes are achieved
• benefits for using local industry are actively considered.

Achievements of the program

To support business uptake of these opportunities the Forward Procurement Plan and the Forward Procurement Schedule for GC2018 have been developed by Games partners to enable suppliers to plan ahead.
• The forward procurement plan outlines the government’s approach to GC2018 procurement.
• The forward procurement schedule contains over 270 sub-packages of indicative procurement activities against which suppliers can express interest.

How to get involved

Suppliers can visit the Business and Industry Portal to access:

• the Forward Procurement Plan and Schedule for GC2018
• links to the Industry Capability Network (ICN) Queensland Gateway to register and express interest in the relevant procurement categories
• links to Queensland Government QTenders for tender opportunities
• tools, tips and training to help develop and submit tenders
• details of upcoming information sessions, workshops and training to assist local businesses develop their capability in readiness for GC2018 procurement opportunities.

Information about sessions will be published on the Business and Industry Portal.   

Who’s running the program

The Queensland Government is leading the program through the Office of the Commonwealth Games (Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games) with the following partners:
• Procurement Transformation Office, Department of Housing and Public Works
• state government departments and agencies undertaking procurement related to GC2018
• Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation
• City of Gold Coast
• other local governments involved in GC2018.