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Games Benefits

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games will transform the Gold Coast and Queensland by creating benefits for our communities before, during and after the 11 days of competition.

To make the most out of GC2018, Games Partners are working together to deliver legacy benefits under the four aspirations of the Embracing 2018 Legacy Program

  1. Delivering GC2018: the Inspiring Games
  2. Creating enduring jobs and powering economic growth
  3. Accelerating the Gold Coast to a world-class boutique city
  4. Building active, engaged and inclusive communities.  

The progress of the legacy benefits is being tracked leading up to, during and after the Games. The legacy benefits are included below.

For more information on Games legacy benefits, please email  


Tourism and economic growth

GC2018 will promote the Gold Coast and Queensland as tourism destinations of choice. GC2018 will support job and skills growth, and deliver new infrastructure. Local creative industries will drive growth in the Gold Coast economy.


  • GC2018 supports jobs growth over 10 years
  • Queensland businesses experience significant economic uplift
  • GC2018 creates opportunities to obtain new skills, training and experience
  • GC2018 inspires greater levels of customer service on the Gold Coast and in Queensland
  • The Gold Coast and Queensland are tourism destinations of choice
  • GC2018 creates opportunities for permanent legacy benefits from infrastructure improvements, including the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage Two
  • GC2018 is leveraged to build the education sector and knowledge economy to become a defining industry for the Gold Coast 
  • Local creative industries drive growth in the Gold Coast economy.


Trade 2018

Trade 2018 will strengthen trade and investment ties across the Commonwealth and boost Queensland’s international business profile, with a particular focus on the Gold Coast. 


  • GC2018 highlights trade and investment opportunities for Australia
  • The GC2018 Queen’s Baton Relay builds engagement, trade and tourism opportunities domestically and internationally
  • GC2018 is a catalyst for accelerating the transformation of the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct (GCHKP) into a globally competitive ‘tech hub’.


Supporting Queensland Business

Through GC2018 the Queensland Government is increasing awareness of the business opportunities presented by the Games, to enable Queensland businesses to enhance their capability and capacity to make the most of these opportunities.


  • Awareness, capacity and capability building of Queensland businesses for GC2018 resulting in enduring economic uplift.


Inspiring Games

GC2018 will unite Commonwealth countries to deliver a diverse and inclusive event that attracts the best athletes and is a leading model for sustainable delivery.


  • GC2018 showcases legacy opportunities for future host cities
  • GC2018 attracts the Commonwealth’s best athletes 
  • GC2018 demonstrates a leading model for sustainable event delivery
  • GC2018 is leveraged to encourage Gold Coast communities to implement more sustainable practices, such as reuse and recycling
  • GC2018 is a platform to unite Commonwealth countries on peace, prosperity and sustainability related issues of critical importance to the host nation’s region
  • The Commonwealth Games profile as a diverse and inclusive event is enhanced through GC2018.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander initiatives

Through the GC2018 Reconciliation Action Plan, a nationwide first for an event of this scale, there will be increased recognition, respect and celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.


  • GC2018 provides greater opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and promotes an increased awareness and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.


Arts and culture

GC2018 will provide a platform to celebrate creative talent and culturally diverse communities throughout Queensland.


  • Through GC2018 creative talent and culturally diverse communities throughout Queensland are celebrated.


Sports and healthy lifestyles

The Games inspire more Australians to embrace an active lifestyle and physical activity, by promoting active travel and public transport, and supporting the sport and recreation industry to cater for active communities.


  • GC2018 provides the city with more options for active travel and public transport resulting in greater connectivity
  • GC2018 accelerates travel behaviour change on the Gold Coast to encourage more people out of their cars
  • GC2018 inspires Australians to become healthier and happier through an active lifestyle and physical activity
  • GC2018 is leveraged to support the sport and recreation industry to better cater for active communities from grass roots to high performance.


Engaged and inclusive communities

GC2018 is a catalyst for an increased sense of inclusivity, diversity and community pride in the Gold Coast and Queensland communities.  The Games will stimulate increased participation in volunteer programs and accelerate the recognition of the Gold Coast as an international world-class city.


  • GC2018 is leveraged to enhance the city’s reputation locally, nationally and internationally 
  • Through hosting GC2018 the perception of safety on the Gold Coast is improved 
  • Gold Coast’s pristine natural environment is positioned as a point of difference during GC2018 
  • GC2018 is a catalyst for an increased sense of inclusivity, diversity and community pride in Gold Coast and Queensland communities 
  • GC2018 is a catalyst for increased engagement and greater activation of the Gold Coast community 
  • GC2018 stimulates increased participation, retention and representation of diversity in volunteer programs 
  • The Gold Coast is recognised internationally as a city for elite sport.

Publications & reports

The progress of the Games legacy benefits are being tracked both now and into the future. More information is available on the Publications and Reports page.