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Brisbane enhanced Bus Stops

Parkinson East Bus Stop

As part of Brisbane City Council’s commitment to accessibility, 27 bus stops across the region have been upgraded. The upgrades include improving shelter, seating and pavements surrounding the bus stop. Digital signage and advertising were also included, improving the provision of information and creating the opportunity of raising revenue through advertising.

Upgraded bus stops include those close to transport interchanges, hotels, tourist attractions, as well as those close to popular recreation destinations such as swimming pools and leisure centres. The bus stop improvements provide ongoing value to future visitors and the community as a legacy following the Games.

Some locations include:

  • Brunswick Street, New Farm
  • Queen Street, Brisbane City
  • Ann Street, Brisbane City
  • Caxton Street, Paddington
  • Wynnum Esplanade, Wynnum and Manly.

The Public Domain Improvement Program (PDIP) funds minor capital works to deliver a range of long lasting benefits to the community as well as ensuring the best possible experience for visitors during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

Stakeholder Partner

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games will transform the Gold Coast and Queensland by creating benefits for our communities before, during and after the 11 days of competition. These are the benefits that this initiative will bring to Queenslanders across our state:

  • GC2018 creates opportunities for permanent legacy benefits from infrastructure improvements
  • GC2018 inspires Australians to become healthier and happier through an active lifestyle and physical activity.

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