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Gold Coast Wayfinding Initiative

Wayfinding is a visual form of identification and directional signage comprised of easily understood graphic symbols and text. This project designed and implemented wayfinding to improve pedestrian access to and from transport hubs at major events and venues.

Through predictable, consistent wayfinding information, visitors and spectators are able to confidently reach destinations. Improved wayfinding is encouraging walking for tourists and locals, enabling and encouraging active transport.

This project provides a platform for integrated event-specific signage, leaving behind a lasting legacy of improved wayfinding for the Gold Coast.

The Public Domain Improvement Program (PDIP) fund minor capital works to deliver a range of long lasting benefits to the community as well as ensuring the best possible experience for visitors during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

Stakeholder partners


The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games will transform the Gold Coast and Queensland by creating benefits for our communities before, during and after the 11 days of competition. These are the benefits that this initiative will bring to Queenslanders both within the Gold Coast and across our state:

  • GC2018 creates opportunities for permanent legacy benefits from infrastructure improvements.
  • GC2018 provides the city with more active travel and public transport options resulting in greater connectivity.

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