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Reconciliation in Queensland Schools

Reconciliation in Queensland Schools - Oxley State School

Watch the video for Reconciliation in Queensland Schools Initiative at Oxley State School

The RIQS program is an initiative within the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Reconciliation Action Plan and has been designed to leave a Legacy of reconciliation in Queensland Schools.

Under this program, Queensland schools had the opportunity to apply for grant funding for projects that promote reconciliation through cultural understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

School based learning is one way to strengthen reconciliation and build strong and respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians. It is also about increasing awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

Successful Reconciliation in Queensland Schools (RIQS) applicants

The Office of the Commonwealth Games is pleased to announce the successful schools:

School Project title Brief summary of project
Beaudesert State School Bush Tucker Garden and Yarning Circle.
Indigenous Mural and Acknowledgement Plaque
A Yarning Circle and a bush tucker garden. Indigenous mural and plaque acknowledging the Traditional Owners.
Gleneagle State School Excursion to the Yugambeh Museum Excursion to the Yugambeh Museum, students will learn about the local culture, language, song and traditional stories
Runaway Bay Sports and Leadership Excellence Centre Electronic Welcome to Country Electronic Welcome to Country video resource that will be shown to 5000+ primary students each year
Caningeraba State School Caningeraba Community Art
  • Artist-in-Residence initiative will provide an art piece collaboratively produced by local Aboriginal artists, students and families of the school community for permanent display within the school.
  • An Acknowledgement of Country plaque will also be installed in the school community space.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members will work with the school to develop NAIDOC week plans for in-school activities to mark this significant week in 2018.
Currumbin Community Special School Maranhu (foods) Garden Creation of a bush tucker garden with totems pertaining to school sporting teams which have names derived from local Indigenous language.
Dunwich State School Coming Together Through Knowledge
  • Traditional Indigenous games
  • Kayaking on country adventure led by Traditional Owners
  • Quandamooka Traditions - song, dance, artefacts and bush tucker
  • Listening to the Elders - storytelling, poetry, and weaving activities
  • Art workshop and artwork for Jandai language signage at the school
  • A Jarjums camp will also be held for year six students to assist with their transition into high school.
Miami State School Project Yabru
  • Cultural activities – smoking ceremony, dancing activity, storytelling, artwork activity, excursion to Jellurgal cultural Centre
  • Indigenous Garden with plaque to acknowledge a community Elder
  • Indigenous books and resources to assist with embedding Indigenous perspectives.
Cedar Creek State School YARNING Garden: Yarning, Art, Respect and Nourish Indigenous Nature Garden A Yarning Circle and a bush tucker garden. A yarning garden that includes a yarning circle, Indigenous art and bush tucker garden. The area will be used by whole of school for cultural education.
Waterford West State School Indigenous Bush Tucker Garden An Indigenous Bush Tucker Garden
Eagleby State School Welcome to the Yugambeh Culture An educational space for all to learn the Indigenous culture. The space will acknowledge the Traditional Owners and include totems and traditional language. The space will be used by teachers as a learning area to provide traditional activities and as a meeting place for parents, teachers and students.
Ipswich West State Special School Indigenous Mural 2017 A mural to share local culture.
Everton Park State School Acknowledging country - building respect Acknowledging country - in the classroom
  • A Brisbane Acknowledgement of Country statement in the local Turrubal/Jagera language will be developed in consultation with Elders
  • A video resource will be developed of the students saying the Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners in Turrabal/Jagera language
  • Acknowledgement of Country plaque for front office
  • Purchase of flags for display in each classroom
  • Acknowledgement of country poster in English and Turrubal/Jaggera language for display in each classroom
  • Purchase of maps of Indigenous Australia for each classroom as a learning resource for curriculum activities
Salisbury State School Salisbury Dreaming An Identifiable Indigenous space on the school grounds with yarning circle and fire pit, Indigenous games playing space encompassed by a garden with native plants, flagpoles for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags. The launch of the Indigenous space will include a traditional Indigenous games carnival.
Nashville State School Ariba Enuba Aboriginal Art Walking Trail – Sandgate 3 rd Lagoon – Stage 1 Students from various schools within the Bramble Bay Cluster of schools (Bayside Brisbane) will collaborate to develop a public art piece. Students will design and paint totem poles before they are installed at the Sandgate lagoon public area
Bald Hills State School The Turrbal Walkabout Heritage Trail A heritage area in the schools forestry plot. Signage will include cultural knowledge, information about plant and animal species, language words in the Turrbal language. A large sign will be installed at the main gate acknowledging the Traditional Owners. Plaques will be installed to include the origins of the Indigenous flag, a history of the Indigenous soldiers, and stories depicted in Indigenous artwork mounted near the year five precinct.
Oxley State School Reconciliation Song Elders and Traditional owners will be engaged to develop of a song in Yuggera language. The song will be recorded with up to 30 students participating and promoted externally.
Toowong State School Learning together through Reconciliation A bush tucker garden with information placards and booklets to share cultural knowledge, Aboriginal history, and use of the plants. An Aboriginal artist will work with students to create a Reconciliation mural. Elders will be engaged to develop Acknowledgment of Country in local language. There will be also a focus on students learning to say the Acknowledgement in language.
Raceview State School Making us Visible
  • Development of a mural depicting Indigenous history and culture
  • Compilation of Indigenous stories written by Indigenous students under the guidance of an Indigenous author
  • Bush tucker garden to assist with embedding Indigenous perspectives.
Silkstone State School Silkstone Reconciliation Meeting Place A learning centre in the school library with cultural artefacts, resources, flags, and plaques to acknowledge the Traditional Owners. The learning centre will increase awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and languages
Gowrie State School Gummingurra - part of something, you and us Mural to acknowledge the Traditional Owners and local culture. To celebrate the launch of the mural, a community partnership event with a selection of bush tucker food will be available
Harlaxton State School Culture Connection Musical and video production with documentary style footage, dance, body painting and an Elder sharing cultural knowledge. The songs theme will be based around connection to culture. This is a collaborative project with Rockville State School.
Rockville State School Culture Connection Musical and video production with documentary style footage, dance, body painting and an Elder sharing cultural knowledge. The songs theme will be based around connection to culture. This is a collaborative project with Harlaxton State School.
Mitchell State School Mitchell State School Gunggari Revival Project Project to reinvigorate Gunggari language and culture within the school community
Torquay State School Linking Community to culturally significant sites School excursion to culturally significant sites within the Hervey bay community. Elders and Traditional Owners will be engaged to share cultural knowledge. As part of the excursion students will learn about bush tucker.
Mary Valley State College Exploring our local Indigenous Culture The Goombuckar Bus is a 34 seater bus converted into a mobile Indigenous learning platform. The bus will attend the school and students will participate in cultural activities such as art, storytelling, music and sports.
Stanley River Environmental Education Centre Jinibara Mural Mural to showcase Jinibara culture and language.
Kawana Waters state College Bush Tucker Garden & Indigenous art story A Bush tucker garden to assist with embedding Indigenous perspectives. An Indigenous artist will work with students to create a mural and sensory artwork on surrounding boulders of the bush tucker garden.
Urangan Point State School Butchulla Bush Tucker Garden A bush tucker garden to increase awareness of Butchulla people and culture. Indigenous artists will work with students to design and prepare totem poles for installation in the garden.
Mooloolaba State School Wallum Scrub Yarning Circle A permanent yarning circle within a natural setting on the school grounds. The project will be supported by Elders of the Gubbi Gubbi people and will be used: as a meeting place for community, for cultural education, and national events such as NAIDOC.
Barambah Environmental Education Centre Embracing Reconciliation
  • Installation of flag poles to fly the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags
  • Mural will be developed on the front external wall to the schools office to showcase local Indigenous culture
  • Bush tucker garden with trail and signage to teach students about plants and their uses
  • Art materials, spears, boomerangs, books and DVDs will be purchased for use in teaching programs.
Caloundra State School Caloundra Reconciliation of Children (CROC) Program
  • CROC School Mural involving students in the design and painting process
  • Workshops relating to dance, music, weapons, tools, painting, bush tucker and dreaming stories will be delivered by local Indigenous facilitators.
Bli Bli State School From Little Things, Big Things Grow
  • Creation of a bush tucker garden students will learn about traditional and modern uses from Elders and Traditional Owners
  • Bush tucker day where students can sample a range of bush tucker
  • The Goombucker bus (mobile Indigenous learning platform) will be engaged and students will participate in traditional activities, traditional stories, and learn about the Traditional Owners.
Burnside State School Boys from Barambah A commemorative space recognising the role of service men and women in shaping our country and culture. The project will make visible the hidden histories from the local area and recognise the service men and women, and also the contribution of Indigenous soldiers.
Moranbah East State School NAIDOC Week Celebrations – Moranbah Purchase of flags and display stand, Indigenous Games kit with resources, and plaque to acknowledge the Traditional Owners.
The Hall State School Community, Culture and Reconciliation Installation of a plaque to acknowledge the Traditional Owners. Mural to showcase local culture and stories and to pay respects to the Traditional Owners.
Eidsvold State School Wakka Wakka Revitalisation School language revitalisation program of the Wakka Wakka language.
Rockhampton North Special School Traditional Culture Day Traditional Cultural Day with Welcome to Country, traditional games, Indigenous art, dance and music, and lunch of Traditional Torres Strait Islander food.
Alpha State School ‘Deadly’ Food and Culture Festival Food and culture festival with artwork activities, bush tucker, traditional Indigenous games and traditional story telling.
Currajong State School Journey to Big School: Our Language Matters The school to connect with the community to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students of kindergarten age transition into the Currajong School community. Reciprocal visits between prep staff at the school and local ‘feeder’ kindergartens will occur.
A story library for the Currajong School community will be developed that reflects languages of the local community, and include books by Indigenous authors that share cultural knowledge. Community Elders will read to children in language and re-tell traditional stories. This will be recorded and become a digital resource for the story library.
Hamilton Island State School Hamilton Island Bush Tucker Garden An edible bush tucker garden that will provide the school and community with opportunities to engage with native plant species, while embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into learning.
Jarvisfield State School Indigenous Walk and Talk Bush Tucker Garden An Indigenous Walk and Talk Edible Garden within the Jarvisfield school grounds. Plants native to the region labelled with traditional purposes will be included. Totems, paths, large didgeridoos and a mural to represent the traditional owners will be developed as part of the garden.
Weir State School Acknowledging Traditional Owners and Languages Acknowledgement of Traditional Owner plaques will be installed at both entrances to the school and at the entrance to the multipurpose hall. Bush tucker garden with permanent plaques to identify plants. A digital teaching resource will be developed focusing on the language of the Traditional Owners and the use of the plants in the garden. Traditional Custodians will also be engaged to share cultural knowledge.
Yarrabah State School Gunggay Cultural Heritage Transcribing Gunggay traditional songs. A children’s song book based on the transcripts of Elders’ lyrics will be produced and illustrated by the students.
Bloomfield River State School Kuku Bush Tucker Garden A bush tucker garden within the school grounds. Each plant will have a plaque with its traditional name and the English translation.
Mossman State School Respect and Consultation: Honouring Kuku Yalanji language Program to teach the Kuku Yalanji language within the school.
Northern Peninsula Area State College Mpakwithi Book Development Publication of three children’s picture books with traditional language and art.
McDonnell Creek State School Mural – Rainforest Place on Yidinji Land Creation of a large outdoor mural
Aurukun State School Five Wik Clans’ Lore Poles Installation of five Traditional Cultural sculptures, known as Lore Poles.


The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games will transform the Gold Coast and Queensland by creating benefits for our communities before, during and after the 11 days of competition. These are the benefits that this initiative will bring to Queenslanders both within the Gold Coast and across our state:

  • GC2018 provides greater opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and promotes an increased awareness and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

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