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Be My Guest online learning program

The Be My Guest Program has been created to prepare our tourism, hospitality and wider business community for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Before, during and after the Games, we all need to drive service excellence across Queensland to ensure a WOW guest experience.

We want you to allow the passion and pride in your region to shine through and lift the levels of service quality in Queensland, as the world will be watching us! The ultimate welcome is one that shines from the hearts of the hosts.

Watch this YouTube video featuring proud and passionate Gold Coast locals. What are you proud of in your region?

Please take the time to read through the following sections and watch the videos.

Consider how you can apply the same passion for your region in your interactions with guests.

Completing this online learning will take approximately one - two hours. You can download the Be My Guest key principles (PDF, 614KB) to keep with your training manuals and refer back to the key elements of your WOW guest experience.


1. GC2018: Being at our best

  • For Australian athletes
  • For international athletes
  • For our community and destination
  • For the 70 nations and territories and 1.5 million spectators

2. GC2018: What's in it for me?

  • What's in it for you to consistently deliver a WOW guest experience
    • Value for you, your guests and your community
    • Working together as one team
    • Job opportunities
    • Careers in tourism and hospitality

3. Why use 'guest' instead of 'customer'

  • A tourism professional's perspective on use of guest
  • Customer service vs guest experience – is there a difference?
    • Definition of customer service
    • Definition of guest experience
    • Tourism professional's perspective on customer service vs guest experience

4. Regions of Queensland 

  • Where do you go to learn more about your region or other regions of Queensland
  • Queensland
  • Gold Coast
  • Brisbane
  • Townsville North Queensland
  • Cairns and Tropical North Queensland

5. Hidden gems are important to share

  • Social media and local recommendations of hidden gems
  • Your ordinary is another's extraordinary

6. WOW experiences: Importance of telling the story behind the hidden gems

  • Basics of storytelling
  • Storytelling by locals

7. Importance of walking in your guest's shoes

  • Understanding guests from different nations

8. Key elements of a WOW guest experience

  • The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn
  • WAT is delivering the WOW guest experience
  • Call to action

9. Be My Guest: Resources for you to keep

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