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Girl Guides unite with exclusive Embracing 2018 Commonwealth Games badge

Girl Guides around Australia are uniting to show their passion for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) and earn an exclusive badge for their sash.

Guides will attempt to demonstrate their skill in four areas identified as essential to the Commonwealth Games spirit – Physical, People, Practical and Self - the tasks of which are open to interpretation and creativity of participants.

Girl Guides Queensland State Commissioner Velia Nicholls said she looked forward to seeing how girls would tackle the challenges.

Girl Guides Badge

“The sheer joy of devising these challenges and having a badge that they will only have a limited opportunity to earn will be so exciting,” Ms Nicholls said.

“This is a chance to create memories and be part of something so important. To have the Games on our doorstep is amazing and this is a chance to really embrace the games and connect to their spirit.

“Guides can tackle the four assessable areas any way they imagine. For ‘Physical’ a girl may organise a healthy and active activity such as a decathlon of events for their hut. For ‘Practical’ they may host a linked Commonwealth Games activity or for ‘Self’ they may reflect on the Games with a poem or piece of art. We want them to connect with the Games and what they mean - the sky is the limit.”

There is infinite scope for Guides use initiative and leadership skills to earn the badge, with each activity to be peer-assessed.

Ms Nicholls said the duties required to earn the badge aligned with the key principles of Girl Guides.

“To understand the philosophy of the badge is to understand the philosophy of guiding. It’s about the girls challenging themselves and empowering their peers,” she said.

“At Guides we want girls to find out about and understand themselves. Through a peer-assessable task like this they’ll be able to learn more about the powerful tool of communication.

“We want girls and young women to grow up, feel good about themselves and be armed with the tools they need to confidently make their way in the world. To be part of something like this will really contribute positively on that journey.”

GC2018 is the first Commonwealth Games with an equal number of male and female medals up for grabs, plus the largest ever para-sports program integrated into the 11 days of competition.

The inclusive nature of GC2018 and Girl Guides make the Embracing 2018 badge a perfect fit.

The Embracing 2018 Girl Guides Badge supports the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games objective to increase the sense of inclusivity, diversity and community pride in the Gold Coast and Queensland communities.