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Gymnastics Queensland are excited to reap the rewards of the 2018 Sports Assets Legacy Program

Gymnast Michael Tone - Mark Kolbe (Getty Images)

Gymnastics Queensland are jumping for joy at the imminent arrival of new gymnastics equipment made available thanks to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Sports Assets Program.

The organisation will receive a full set of men’s and women’s equipment, as well as a full rhythmic gymnastics floor area for their High Performance Centre.

Gymnastics Queensland CEO Kym Dowdell said she was thrilled at the prospect of new equipment.

“We’re very excited because we weren’t sure if we’d get this legacy and we’re just thrilled that we did,” Ms Dowdell said.

“Currently our equipment in our training centre is quite dated. We’re very excited to get some updated equipment.”

The GC2018 legacy will ensure Queensland high performance athletes have the best equipment to prepare for successful performances in the 2022 Commonwealth Games, plus the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games.

“It is exactly the same equipment that could potentially be used at any World Championship, any Olympic Games and any international invitational,” said Ms Dowdell.

“Our training centre is utilised by our high performance athletes who train about 30 hours a week. But then every weekend, it’s utilised to run either coaching courses or what we call our State Training Program, which all of our clubs come to.

“Therefore, we’re getting the opportunity for new equipment for all our clubs that attend any of those activities in our training centre.”

Ms Dowdell said the new equipment will allow for easier transitions between training and competitions.

“Firstly, our athletes will be pretty excited that they’ll be performing on equipment utilised by Commonwealth Games champions,” she said.

“It also means that they’re performing on the same equipment used in competitions, making it much easier to adjust as the equipment they train on is the same as what they compete on. That will be a really big benefit both for all our club athletes as well as our high performance athletes.”

The GC2018 Commonwealth Games will leave a lasting legacy for Gymnastics Queensland and will positively impact over 25 gymnastics clubs who have state team representatives.

“Once the new equipment comes into our High Performance Centre, the old equipment that is exchanged will go out to our clubs for their utilisation. Therefore it’s giving clubs access to more equipment and allowing them to have more participants in their clubs performing gymnastics,” Ms Dowdell said.

The new equipment has a life of at least 6 years and will be utilised through to the 2024 Olympic Games, after which the equipment will go to Queensland clubs looking for second hand equipment for their low-level competitive programs.

Approximately 20,000 items of sporting equipment will be gifted to sporting organisations and communities throughout Queensland as part of the Sports Assets Legacy Program.

Schools, community and grass-roots organisations through to high-performance programs will benefit from the equipment being gifted across Queensland.

The Sports Assets Program is part of the Queensland Government's Embracing 2018 Legacy Program, which realises and maximises the benefits of hosting GC2018 for Queensland communities before, during and after the Games.