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Major Events (Gold Coast Commonwealth Games) Regulation 2017

The Major Events Act 2014 (the Act) facilitates major events being held in Queensland, such as the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

The Major Events (Gold Coast Commonwealth Games) Regulation 2017 (the Regulation) commenced on 29 September 2017. The Regulation prescribes GC2018 as a major event under the Act and the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) as the major event organiser for GC2018.

The Regulation will enable GOLDOC and the Queensland Government to meet Games time commitments and implement necessary arrangements associated with hosting the event.

The Regulation provides for:

  • venue and event security
  • commercial protections to protect Games sponsors and meet hosting commitments such as ticket scalping, unauthorised street trading, ambush marketing, unauthorised advertising and unauthorised broadcasting
  • temporary Games lanes to be in place for public transport and accredited Games family vehicles during the Games
  • clearly defined boundaries for major event areas, with limited time frames for Games time operations to help minimise impact on businesses and residents.

The temporary arrangements that may arise from the Regulation will be familiar with regular events such as Gold Coast 600 and Townsville 400 using similar legislation.

Major Event areas

Major event areas include competition venues and non-competition venues such as the Commonwealth Games Village and the Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise Celebration Zones.

View the Major Event areas

Security arrangements

Security planning for the Games is being undertaken under the National Security Framework three tier model:

  • Tier one: facilitates venue and event security and is the responsibility of GOLDOC
  • Tier two: security overlay and safety of public domain and is the responsibility of the Police
  • Tier three: national security, crisis management and is the responsibility of the Australian Government.

The Regulation provides for airport-style security arrangements at all competition venues: people will be screened before entry, and bag inspections will take place.

A message from the Queensland Police Service

Project Unite is a proactive community safety campaign designed to deter, detect and disrupt all forms of criminality – from minor offences to terrorism.

Project Unite reinforces the National Security Campaign message - 'If it doesn't add up, speak up' - and encourages all Queenslanders to report suspicious activity to the National Security Hotline by calling 1800 123 400.

Whether you are a police officer, private security or a member of the public, we all have a role to play in ensuring the safety of our communities.​

How you can help

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • If you see something suspicious call the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400
  • Even if you think it is probably nothing, the smallest piece of information can be valuable. Don’t wait for someone else to call
  • By being a vigilant and attentive community member, you can be an extra set of eyes and ears for our officers
  • Whether you are a police officer, private security or a community member, we all have a role to play in ensuring the safety of our communities.

Authorised persons

The Regulation enables GOLDOC to appoint appropriately qualified and trained persons such as licensed security guards and traffic controllers as authorised persons. Authorised persons will exercise basic enforcement powers at events and venues, such as screening entry and directing people to leave major event areas.

GOLDOC will provide training for all employees and contractors in preparation for GC2018.

Keep informed

You can keep up to date through the 'Get Set for the Games' community readiness program. This program ensures local businesses and residents are ready for the Games and given advance notification of any temporary impacts that may affect them.

If you're a Gold Coast business or resident, stay up to date with the latest information by signing up.

Competition venues and events

Non-competition venues

Temporary Park and Rides

Temporary Transport Depots