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Government, business, communities and individuals working closely together will achieve lasting benefits from hosting the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

GC2018 partners


The Office of the Commonwealth Games (OCG)

OCG leads a coordinated approach to the Queensland Government’s delivery of GC2018. OCG leads Embracing 2018, the Queensland Government state-wide program to maximise the legacy benefits from hosting the Commonwealth Games, as well as the development of a state-wide arts and cultural program. OCG also works with other Queensland Government agencies, the Federal government and local authorities including City of Gold Coast, to deliver capital infrastructure, transport and security arrangements for the Games.

The Department of State Development (DSD)

DSD is responsible for the delivery of the Games venue and village infrastructure program (capital development of competition, training and key non competition venues, including the Commonwealth Games Village), and the project and contract management of individual projects. The infrastructure program is overseen by the Economic Development Board (EDB).

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The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC)

GOLDOC was established in January 2012. GOLDOC sits within the portfolio of the Honourable Kate Jones MP, Minister for Education and Minister for Tourism, Major Events and the Commonwealth Games. Working with Government and Games Delivery Partners, GOLDOC’s role is to plan, organise and deliver a great Games in 2018. The GOLDOC Board is responsible for the way GOLDOC performs its functions and ensures it exercises its powers in an appropriate, effective and efficient way. The Board derives its authority from the enabling legislation.

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City of Gold Coast (CGC)

CGC has established a Commonwealth Games unit and will be responsible for the majority of activities involving city operations for the Gold Coast, festival and city legacy, and is the asset owner of many of the venues.

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The Federal Government

The Federal Government, through the Department of Health – Sport, is providing financial and in-kind support to GC2018. Core services to the success of the GC2018 include immigration, customs and health. In addition, the Federal Government is working with Queensland Government departments and the City of Gold Coast on coordinated security strategies.

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF)

The CGF is the regulatory body that is responsible for the direction, policy and control of the Commonwealth Games. GOLDOC is obligated to meet the requirements of the CGF and ensure that all obligations are met for GC2018.

The Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA)

The ACGA is the national body responsible for Commonwealth Games operations, publicity and development in Australia, specifically providing and organising funding, clothing, travel, accommodation and accreditation of athletes and officials to GC2018.