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Publications and Reports

We will regularly report on progress made against our legacy themes and priorities through our monitoring and evaluation framework.

We will continue to track our progress through to 2023 so we can see long after the GC2018 closing ceremony how we have achieved our vision. Universities throughout Queensland are helping us to develop and then implement this framework.

As we move forward we will continue to ask you how legacy is affecting you and your community, and how you would like to be actively engaged in developing and creating a legacy for our future.

Ahead of the Games

The Queensland Government is on track and on budget to deliver a great games in a great city, leaving great benefits for all.

The Ahead of the Games public progress report contains detailed information on Embracing 2018 legacy initiatives, up-to-date financial figures and a comprehensive venues update.

You can read the report to find out about the exciting arts and cultural program vision and opportunities for Queensland businesses.

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