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Trade across the Commonwealth


Trade Horizons – A Special Gold Coast edition of the 2018 Commonwealth Trade Review for the XXI Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Trade Review, Strengthening the Commonwealth, Advantage: Trade, Technology, Governance presents new empirical findings, rich insights and practical recommendations on how to boost the ‘Commonwealth Advantage’ in trade and investment.

Commonwealth 2018: Trade, economy and international relations. Outlook for Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and the United Kingdom

Complied in March 2018, this briefing paper provides an outlook on eight member countries of The Commonwealth: Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. The first section of this briefing provides an introduction on key issues governing international relations among the countries, trade relations, a summary of their economic outlook and key demographic trends. The second section provides a summary of key economic and political trends, including economic growth, inflation trends, policy developments, central bank activity, election expectations and key sectoral trends.

Queensland's Regions Trading Globally

This special edition of Queensland's Regions Trading Globally showcases the strength and diversity of Queensland’s regions and highlights the key sectors and industries with investment and export potential. It has been delivered by Regional Development Australia in partnership with the Queensland Government as part of Trade 2018.

Complementary to the publication is the online Queensland Trade Collaboration Portal, which contains a directory of Queensland businesses across a wide range of industry sectors and provides resources for those wanting to collaborate with businesses across Queensland.